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At Ryan’s Vineyard, our goal is to produce ultra-premium winegrapes. We made the strategic decision to plant Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Musque and Semillion (rather than the expected Cabernet Sauvignon) because the unique characteristics of our location enable us to cultivate an idealized expression of these noble varieties.

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Ryan's Vineyard Block Statistics

RootstockCloneSpacingRow DirectionTrellisCanopy
22.44SB1998101-14Beringer 18 X 6NE-SWQuad LyreCane
32.48SB1998101-14Beringer 18 X 6NE-SWQuad LyreCane
43.60SB1998101-14Beringer 18 X 6NE-SWQuad LyreCane
52.78SB19983309CBeringer 18 X 6NE-SWQuad LyreCane
62.67SB19983309CBeringer 18 X 6NE-SWQuad LyreCane
BR0.10SB20033309CBeringer 18 X 6NE-SWQuad LyreCane
70.07CS2011St. GeorgeFay4 X 4N/ANoneHead Trained
8a2.65SM2012/13RepariaUCD 278 X 4.5NE-SWQuad LyreCane
8b1.05SE2013RepariaClone 18 X 4.5NE-SWQuad LyreCane
90.90SB2018RepariaClone 18 X 4.5NE-SWQuad LyreCane
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